Vajra Wisdom Foundation

The Vajra Wisdom Foundation is a Non-Profit Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist Teaching Foundation. The Foundation is part of the worldwide movement to bring the True Buddha Dharma and Practice to the west and we teach from the Nyingma lineage as well as from other Tibetan traditions. We are open to people new to Buddhism and others who have not had the opportunity to study the Pure Dharma in a welcoming and accepting environment. In addition, Buddhist meditation is something that does not require you to be a Buddhist so everyone is welcome!

The Wisdom Store has an amazing reputation for making and acquiring authentic items from around the world. You can find everything here that you can not find anywhere else. Need a custom order? Please send us a message and we will do our best to find it or make it for you.

Note: Everything we have here is real!

Mortal Loom             Mortal Loom


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